Friday, February 22, 2013

Shopping with Katelyn

This past Monday, Katelyn and I got to spend some time together shopping at Saver's 50% off President's day sale.  We had a blast.

Even though Katelyn and I butt heads plenty of times over all kinds of things, I am so thankful that when it comes to dressing modestly, Katelyn has a submissive spirit and never fights to dress in a way that we feel is inappropriate.  While she definitely has her own style (stripes, anyone?), if I say "That shirt looks to small", she agreeably says "Ok" and puts it back.

I'm also thankful that she doesn't mind thrift store shopping.  Seriously, it's much easier to find modest clothes there, then at the retail stores!

And I'm thankful to my wonderful husband for allowing us to go shopping :)

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