Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pictures from yesterday

Yesterday was Justin's birthday.  We celebrated the day by doing Birthday-themed Preschool papers, going to the park, having cake after dinner, and taking Justin to pick out a present (the kids got a "combo" present in February, a Wii, but Justin never plays it, so we decided to let him get something else).  He picked out a Jeep from Cars, a package of Pez, and a bag of Takis (anyone else think these are nasty?).

I'm trying to remember to use my new camera to take pictures.  It's so much easy to just pull out my phone, because then I can send pics to the grandparents.  But the quality isn't that great, so I'm trying to remember to pull out the camera.


  1. So cute :) sounds like a fun day! I agree takis are gross.. But I do like the turbo flamas :)

  2. LOL, If my stomach would allow, I would eat those all day! Happy Birthday to your Son!