Friday, March 15, 2013

Um, Guilty!

Yesterday I was cleaning up our computers and I looked through pictures of the boys doing fun preschool projects.

"Awww, look at that.  I wish you still wanted to do preschool, Jason.  We had so much fun."

And then I was informed that Jason lost interest because I stopped planning fun projects and just started giving him printable packs to do.

I could argue that it was because he would beg for printable packs, but really, ummm, guilty.

It takes a lots of planning and prep to put together fun projects for the kids to do.  I am not a last minute mom when it comes to arts and crafts.  So, I let it fall by the wayside as I focused on other things that seemed more pressing.

But, I need to pick it up again.  Maybe not every single day, but once or twice a week.  The boys love it and it's so important to their development.  So, here I head to Pinterest...

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