Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He knows The Truth

Because Tyler doesn't respond in church in the same way that I see other child responding, I think that he is not listening, not paying attention, not caring, not plugged in, not learning anything, etc, etc.

And while he misses a lot of little things, he *knows* The Truth.  I was reminded of this last night at church.

Bro Conroy was preaching, and, as always, he was hilarious.  Tyler was definitely listening when Bro Conroy was talking about chamber pots!  Classic boy humor.

But there was another time (and I honestly can't tell you exactly what Bro Conroy was saying) Bro Conroy was talking about not believing in One God Baptism or something similar.  Tyler says "Man, those people are so dumb.  Don't they read the Bible."

I just looked at him with a little smile, inside thinking "He knows!  He really knows!!!"  My joy was doubled in that moment.

And this is a classic Asperger's example:  head knowledge without the emotional knowledge.

Tyler knows the gospel, but he can't apply it to himself.  He doesn't understand that he needs salvation.

Grateful for Grace has another great post up today for Autism Awareness Month and the writer says the exact same thing:  I don’t have the energy to spend hours/days on something trivial when the bigger deal is to ..... teach to a child, who has no understanding of their sin, their need for a Savior. These are where I focus my energy.

It is my prayer that there will come a day when all of my children will have the Holy Ghost and be baptized in Jesus' Name.  I dream of the day that I will stand by the baptismal tank and rejoice when Tyler is buried in that watery grave.  I know it's coming.  I believe it.

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