Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Review of Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were thrilled to be chosen by BzzAgent to review Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System.  We had been pulling weeds by hand and killing bugs with our shoes as we didn't want to spend the money to buy bug or weed killer.


The Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System comes with a one gallon refillable jug with a nozzle.  You fill this jug up with water.  Then, you attach one of four different weed or bug killer concentrated cartridges onto the lid.  When you spray, the concentrated killer mixes with the water to spray out the correct amount of mixture to get the job done.

The nozzle and the cartrdiges

BzzAgent sent us the jug and five different cartridges, two of the the weed and grass killer.  Sweet, we needed lots of that.

But, since it was hot outside when the box came, Jim decided to just try the indoor bug killer first.

The system was easy to set up.  But, the nozzle was folded into the jug, and needed a good tug to pull it out, which Jim was hesitant to do because it seemed flimsy and he didn't want it to break.  I gave it a good tug and it flipped out the correct way.

Once everything was set up, he started spraying around the windowsills and baseboards.  It's important to note here, as stated in the Amdro Powerflex System directions, that when you first start, you need to hold in the trigger for up to sixty second so that it can fill up the nozzle and get a good spray.  Once it starts spraying, then you just pump as normal.

Spraying the windowsill

The spray was easy to use, had a wide spray range and did not have any odor, so it worked well in the house.  Two weeks later, we just saw our first spider again, so I'd say that it worked well.

Last night was the first chance that Jim had to get outside and spray the weeds and bugs outside.  He did the bugs first.  He said that he could definitely smell something chemical when using this spray.  We had a lot of spider webs and crickets outside.  After he sprayed, I did not see any spiders, but I saw tons of crickets jumping around.  Interested to see if the bug killer didn't affect them, or them jumping around was the result of the killer working in their body.  I'll let you know if we see any crickets in the next few days.

Then he used the weed and grass killer.  Our front yard consists of rock poured over dirt, which apparently has some grass seeds in it because we get lots of grass on the edge.  And weeds all over.  Jim sprayed all the weeds in the front and back (which is just dirt).  When I looked out this morning, all the weeds were still there, but Jim says that it takes time, so I'll let you know the progress.

The monster weed I'm hoping will be history!

One thing that Jim noted while using the system was that the nozzle would jam up quite often and drip rather than spray, especially as the amount of water got lower.  There was still at least a fourth of a gallon in the jug, though.  He would have to stop spraying and shake the jug a little to get it to spray well again.  He was pleased that when it did spray, it was a very wide range spray.

So, I will update you in about a week as to the result of the outdoor bug spray and the weed and grass spray.

Thank you, BzzzAgent, for the opportunity to try Amdro Powerflex Pest and Bug Killer System.

  • Available at Walmart, Home Depot, and select retailers
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 Sprayer, $11.99 Refills

I received a complimentary system in exchange for my honest opinion.  I have not been otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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