Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Angels Watching Over Me

Last night we were headed south on 51st Ave, ready to fly through the green light at McDowell when the corner of my eye caught a silver sedan turning left directly in front of me.  My foot hit the brake and my hand hit the horn.  We literally came within a hair of hitting that car.  I couldn't believe that we hadn't and the only words I was capable of saying for the next several minutes was "Thank you, Jesus."

When we got home, I had the keys, so I headed up to the door to open it, only to see that the door was standing wide open.  I shrieked and said "Jim, the door's wide open."  He quickly assessed that the door had not been forced open and walked into the house, noting that our things were still there.  Apparently whoever was out the door last, probably one of the kids, didn't shut the door.  Jim hadn't turned on the porch light as we left during the day, so it wasn't noticeable to passers-by that our door was open.

Jim commented later about the prayer that we prayed the day we moved into this house, that the Lord would put angels around it to protect.

Two incidents in such a short time is a lot for my little heart to take, but, oh, I am so thankful that they are just "what could have been" stories.  I'm so thankful God kept his hand on us.

In other news, I will be applying for a job this week that would be perfect for our situation, hours, location, possible sitter for Justin already, a place I would want to work...Please keep this in your prayers as I ask the Lord for his favor if this job is His will.

Thank you, Jesus.

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