Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big Changes On The Way

Two weeks ago I was on my way to pick up Katelyn from school when I heard a commercial on KTAR for Autism scholarships.  I was interested, so I texted the web address to Jim real fast with instructions to remind me later.

He did, so I checked it out.  Turns out, it was an ad for Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, which I already knew about, AND for a school for Autism in Mesa called Pieceful Solutions ("piece" as in the jigsaw puzzle piece that is the Autism logo).  I clicked over to the school's website and liked what I saw.  We decided to check it out.

After getting permission from our Pastor, we scheduled a tour, which happened this morning.

We loved the school.  It's specifically for children with on the Autism Spectrum, so everyone is trained to work with Autistic children.  It's a small school, very cozy, with the children's sensory therapy and speech therapy built into their day, right along with the academics.  Social skills training is integrated into every part of the day.  They have music therapy, yoga, karate, art, and cooking classes.  They also learn life skills, going out into the community once a week to learn how to grocery shop or some such thing.

I was so thrilled with the atmosphere of the school.  It just felt right.

So, we submitted our enrollment application to the school, and we've submitted our Empowerment Scholarship Account application, and Tyler will start school on July 22!

I'm so excited about this as Jim and I feel like we've gone as far as we can with homeschooling and it's time for Tyler to interact with the real world again.

But, can I be honest and's going to be a financial burden.  Even though the ESA will pay for most, if not all of his tuition, just the drives to and from Mesa twice a day are going to eat us up with gas prices.  Since I still have Justin at home this year, staying in Mesa for the day or getting a job outside the home during the day is not an option.  It is something that we will consider once Justin is in school.

If you know anyone who needs babysitting or something from 9:30 to 2, send them my way :)  Or anything else that's not Amway :) that I can do from home.  Who knows, maybe a work from home opportunity will open up.  I told Jim "I wish I was in the medical field and could do nursing at night."  We have to be careful, though, because I don't want anything I do outside the home to bring chaos to the home, either.

So, anyway, thank you so much for your constant prayers for our family.  We appreciate the support that we feel from our friends and family.  Just know that we love you, too, and if we don't come to your party, it's cuz we're broke!

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  1. This is such exciting news!!! I'm so happy for Tyler, nothing like getting the help and education he needs and deserves. You are such a great mommy role model , once again making sacrifices for the good of your children. I admire that and hope one day someone sees that in me. :)