Sunday, May 26, 2013

Generation of Slobs

Yesterday Katelyn and I went shopping at Kohl's.  We were getting into our van when I pointed out to Katelyn that someone had left a dirty diaper on the light pole.

I said "Sheesh, it's not like there wasn't a trash can around.  There's one right in front of the store."

Katelyn says "Yes, what is this world coming to when a person can't even throw away a dirty diaper.  I feel sorry for the janitor that has to clean up.  Are we raising a generation of slobs????"  (She was truly indignant here, not joking)

I just looked at her.  "Really, Katelyn?  A generation of slobs?"

She looked at me for a minute, then said "Oh."

We just busted up laughing.



  1. LOLOL!!! Thats sooooo FUNNNNNY!!! It waz probably ME that left the diaper there!!! AHAHAHA!!! J/K!!! Buuuuut I was changing my niece the other day and TOTALLY FORGOT to throw away her diaper after I changed her!!! It wasn't about being lazy...just TOTAL absent mindedness that by the time I was putting the new diaper on and puttin her clothes back on I forgot all about the dirty diaper!!! LOL

  2. But why clean it mom, when someone else will do it for us? I mean, why should they have to walk to the trash can when someone else is eventually gonna pick it up and toss it for them???
    It is so very sad.... A generation of slobs and laziness INDEED! I had to laugh when I Clicked on the link and it took me to Katelyns post~ hilarious!!!! While I am not messy by any means (drives me insane) I do believe there is a difference in "messy" and "slobs"!!!

    1. Katelyn is a slob. Slobs leave trash all over the floor instead of putting it in the trash can. If you have an interest, check out the blog "A Slob Comes Clean" from my blog list. This is totally Katelyn (and a lot me, too, truthfully, though I've improved with maturity.)

    2. What a cool blog... I have a couple people in mind who could def use that... I'm so sharing!!!! Thank you :) and that's funny you mentioned changed through maturity cause I almost said katelyn might grow out if it.... However I have one too many friends who haven't ... Think it's more hard for the ones who grew up in a SLOBIFIED (Kimberly word) environment that find it harder to change when out in their own and providing for families of their own.... But I also know a few who didnt grow up in dirty or SLOBIFIED they just never had to do anything cause if they didnt their mother would~ therefore enabling them to be lazy and messy.... Sorry for the book!!!! ;)

    3. I get ya! Tell whomever to read the blog backwards from the beginning; it will make lots more sense if you see here journey.

      I was the "maid" growing up, so for me, I think a lot of my slobbishness was rebellion: It's my house. I don't have to clean it cuz my mama's not here to make me!

      My poor husband, lol

      You will be happy to hear that I'm in the middle of summer deep-cleaning now that school is out. ;)