Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day Testimony Service

On Mother's Day, Pastor Garrett did something different during Sunday School.  He read 1 Samuel 1:27 "For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:"  After he read the passage, he noted that he knew that he was taking the verse out of context, which needs caution, but...the point he wanted to make was that we, as mothers, make petitions to the Lord for our children, and when he answers those petitions, we need to testify of the miracle and give thanks to the Lord.  So, we had a testimony service!  Pastor walked around the room with the mic and handed it to whomever he wanted.  I think that some of us who got the mic wished we hadn't, and I overheard some who didn't get the mic wish that they had, lol.

It was such a blessing to hear all of the mothers who got to speak that morning.  Some told very specific stories, others just gave God praise for always being there.  I didn't want it to end.

I was one of the ones who did get the mic handed to me.  And, though you all know that I have lots of different things that I could have said, I had to be careful because of who was sitting next to me.  I didn't want a scene.  So I choose to tell the story of how God healed Katelyn.

Here is the story:

When Katelyn was eight, she fell at school, hitting her head and banging up the knuckles on her hand very badly.  The school called me to come and get her.  When I got her home, she started throwing up.  We were concerned about a head injury, and the injury to her knuckles, so I took her to Urgent Care.  They took one look at her and sent us to Phoenix Children's Hospital.  The Urgent Care doctor was so concerned about her that he called me later to see how she was.

When we got to Phoenix Children's, they took one look at her and rushed her through triage and into a room.  Katelyn was not acting like herself at all.  She is normally a very bubbly, talkative, silly girl.  She was unresponsive, dazed, and quiet (we always know she's sick when she gets quiet).  The doctor came in and started assessing her.  She turned to us and said "Is this normal?"  We shook our heads "No, this is not normal at all."  The doctor looked worried and turned back to Katelyn again.  When she did, it was like a switch was flipped and all of the sudden, Katelyn was fine.  Jim and I knew the instant it happened.  The doctor looked puzzled and said "What just happened here?"  I knew she was thinking that Katelyn had been acting.  But we told her, No, we know God just healed her.

The doctor still had Katelyn go through the CAT scan, and x-rays, but they all came back negative.  She was perfectly fine, and I was thrilled to tell the Urgent Care doctor just that!

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