Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shoes and Weed Killer

Today was a perfect example of how the Lord always takes care of us.

I had to break the bad news to my husband this morning:  Katelyn and Tyler both need new shoes.

We headed to Wal-mart because they have the only shoe that Tyler was willingly worn in the past year or two.  But, he needed a 5.5 and they didn't have half sizes.

Katelyn found a pair of shoes that will hopefully get her through the end of the school year for $10.

We walked to the Payless next door, but Tyler didn't like those shoes.

Next we stopped at Famous Footwear.  Tyler was grumbling about wanting to go get pizza and why did we have to go get shoes, and Jason was grumbling that he only wanted to go shoe shopping when he got shoes, otherwise it was boring.  Yup, idyllic conditions.

I found the shoes and looked for his size.  None.  Too bad, too, because they were on sale for $10, marked down from almost $40.  I decided to make him try on the lace-ups, that were not one sale...  He grumbled and whined, but managed to get them on and say that they didn't feel too bad.   I told him we would get those, but made one last trip to the clearance rack just in case.

Miracle, that time I found the $10 slip-ons in his size, in an incorrect box!  He didn't love them, but they fit, so he's stuck with them.

The $10 slip-ons came in Jason's next size up, too, so I picked up a pair to tuck away for later.

We walked out and Jim said "Well, that wasn't nearly as painful as I expected.  Three pairs of shoes for $30."  And only one of them was Wal-mart quality, thankyouverymuch.

Later in the afternoon, the mailman dropped off a box from a new company I've joined called BzzAgent.  Basically, you fill out a bunch of surveys and then they match you up with products that fit your profile.  They send you the product, you try it out, and then Bzzz about your results.  They hope that you'll tell all of your friends about the product.

Guess what came in the mail today?  Weed and bug killer.  Yes, really!  We've needed it for a long time, but Jim didn't want to spend the money, so we've been pulling weeds by hand.  Thankfully, the bugs haven't been too bad yet (although Tyler just detailed to me each and every bug he's seen).  The product was a full-sized product, so will last us a long time.  All I have to do is give my honest opinion.  Jim was thrilled for the chance to try the product and triple thrilled that he hadn't purchased the stuff while at ACE earlier.

These are just little things, but they remind me that if we Seek First the Kingdom of God, that He will provide all of our needs.

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  1. I LOVE bzzzagent!!! And I love good deals!!! Yay for you guys!