Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shopping Tip for my Frugal Friends

My target price for meat is $1.99/lb for boneless meat or ground beef. 

Last week was shopping week and the sales were dismal.  So, I wound up paying $3/lb for ground beef.  Ugh. (I won't buy the stuff from the Mexican stores anymore.)

So, I was excited to see the Fresh and Easy ad for this coming up week.  I'm going to go on Tuesday, which is a couple of days before my shopping day, and use an "advance" on my grocery money.

Here's the deal:

*Ground chuck beef, 2 lb pack for $4.98, which is $2.49/lb.  Buy 10 pounds/5 packages and a filler item (I usually pick up whatever produce is on sale).  Use the coupon for $5/$25 at the top of the ad to bring your total to $20+, which brings your meat price down to $1.99/lb.

(I have purchased Fresh and Easy's ground beef multiple times and am pleased with the quality.)

*Boneless, skinless chicken breast is on sale for $1.99/lb.  Buy 10 pounds and a filler item, use the coupon to bring it down to $1.49/lb which beats any price I've seen lately.

Or, mix and match the beef and chicken.
Do note that the coupon is only printed on the ads that they mail or in the newspaper.  The ads in the store will not have this coupon, although the store clerks often will have an extra one that they will use.  You can also print the coupon here.

Be sure to sign up for a Friends Rewards card.  You earn points every time you buy things and when you have 500 points, you can convert the points into $5 off your next order.  I don't shop at Fresh and Easy too often, only when their meat is on sale, especially their hams and turkeys during the Holidays, or when my mom comes to town as she eats healthy, so I earned 500 points in about a year's time.  You'll also get 250 points just for signing up.

This is not a compensated post and I don't work for Fresh and Easy.  I just wanted my frugal friends to know there's a great sale going on this week.

Oh, and if you miss this sale, it generally comes around every four to six weeks, it seems.

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