Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Very Thankful!

Yesterday I interviewed at Chandler-Gilbert Community College for the position of Office Coordinator in the Honors Program.  The interview went very well and I was called today to schedule a second interview with the College President, which will be Monday. (GULP!)  This job is a part-time job that is "right down the street" from Tyler's school, so it's perfect.

Today we received an unexpected check in the mail for $1400!  Jim said "Tell Katelyn she can go to Heritage!"  Thank you, Jesus!

So, I had her do her sponsorship calls (they each have to raise a minimum of $25), and she was able to raise $120.  So thankful to her sponsors :)  She also received spending money for Heritage as a graduation gift, so God provided all the way around.

So very thankful!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!! Katelyn!!!!! Heritage is going to be a blast

  2. That's so awesome! Thank God for his many blessing!