Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Praise Report

I only have a minute, so I have to type fast, but I wanted to shout this praise report.

As stated in previous posts, Tyler received an ESA scholarship that is paying for the majority of the $23,000/year tuition for his school.  Our part is approximately $2500, portions of which are due every month.

Well, we don't have the money the pay our portion of the balance right now.  Gas is killing us.  So, per instructions, I emailed the administrator and explained our situation.  I asked for a time waiver, stating that we would pay as quickly as possible.

I got a response the next day stating that the fees for the quarter were waived, just please pay the transaction fee.  I was so thrilled to hear that.

BUT, TODAY, I got a letter stating that our tuition balance has been waived for the whole year and we only have to pay the quarterly fee of $115, which is $460 total!

I am soooo very thankful for this miracle.  I know that they are hoping that the ESA will received more funding next quarter because of a new bill that was signed, so that may have played a part.  But, I know that my God did this for me to show me that he cares.  I have been fasting and praying about this situation because I need a job, or we need some financial miracles.  God is making a way were there seems to be no way.

This school is so good for Tyler and I'm so thankful to the Lord.


  1. AWESOME SIS!!! I'm soooooo happppy for you all!!! God came through...HE ALWAYS DOES!!!

  2. Praise the Lord! He's so good! :)

  3. Hi Jennifer, My name is Vicki, Also Apostolic, Pentecostal and living in Sunny Florida with the most loveable , wonderful, crazy 9 year old daughter with Aspergers.
    God lead me to you post and I've enjoyed reading...trying to catch up from when you started but it's a lot to read...So glad God worked it out for Tyler to get into a good school...we are praying for the same thing....Abigail was born in Dunedin then we moved to Tallahassee and we struggled from K-2nd grade then moved back to the Tampa Bay area and thought we found a good school but we still feel it's not the BEST fir and are in search for "the right " school...I have huge worries about getting her somewhere before she starts Middle school...But we pray and believe God will open the door ....well I will continue to follow your blog and be praying for your family....God Bless

    1. Hi, Vicki! So glad to "meet" you. My email is momofknt at yahoo dot com if you want to keep in touch.