Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of GCA (updated with pictures!)

August 26 was the first day of school for Jason and Katelyn!

Checking out his desk at Orientation

All ready to go!

Jason is in Kindergarten this year.  He has the same Kindergarten teacher that Katelyn and Tyler had, Sis Aldridge.  I hope she plans to hang around for two more years :)

Jason and Sis Aldridge

Sis Aldridge sat him next to his good buddy Jonathan Sesma because she noticed that they have a similar personality, and because Jonathan was in her K4 class last year, so he knows the ropes and can help Jason along.

Jason and Jonathan
Although Jim will be taking the kids the rest of the school year, I wanted to do it the first day as I couldn't imagine not seeing him off on the first day.  So we walked to his classroom, him with his big black backpack on his back and carrying his orange lunchbox, me with all the bags of supplies.  Sis Aldridge allowed us to go into the classroom to drop off all of the stuff and take pictures.

The whole class.  Jason was feeling a little nervous and uncertain at this point and it didn't help that the sun was shining in his face here.

Jason did get a little red-eyed when it was time for me to go, but he didn't cry.  I saw them off to chapel, then went and sat in the back to enjoy the first chapel of the year.  The Kindergarteners sit up front and are dismissed first, so I snapped a quick picture of him filing out.  Then I left.

If you've been around GCA long, you recognize "walk on the line".

Feeling better after a good chapel service.  Headed to class!
He was hot and sweaty when I picked him up, but he told him more than once that school was fun.  They mostly colored.  He ate all of his lunch.  He didn't take a nap.

And he has been quite anxious to get up and go in the morning.  I am so thankful because "someone" filled his mind with lots of ideas about how bad school was going to be, and I had to continually refute those claims.  Thankfully, I think he sees for himself that this going to be great!

My darling daughter is a seventh-grader this year!

So hard to believe that my little boy that I was pregnant with when I was working at GCA is now GOING to GCA, and that my first born is in Junior High.  Lockers, PE, changing classes, loooots of homework.  It's a whole new world for sure.  I am so proud of her, her spirit, and her desire to make this year a good one.  Katelyn, I want you to know that Mom is extremely proud of you, and I thank you for all of your help to me.

And a help she has been!  This week has been crazy busy.  And I love it.  I thrive on the busyness of needing to get uniforms into the wash, making dinner, getting everyone's lunch together, etc, etc.  That's where I get my energy (forget cleaning.  that's for the birds).

I'm just waiting for the final piece of the puzzle to click into place, which should be any day now.  I'll keep you posted.  Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support.  I am so thrilled with this new stage in life and were we are right now.  God has truly been faithful!

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