Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update on Tyler

As mentioned before, Tyler started school July 22.  It was been a complete success!  Last Friday he came home with another boy's phone number and asked if he could call him.  Since we had just gotten home, I advised him to wait.  The boy wound up calling us first and invited Tyler over to his house.  He lived all the way back in Chandler, so we decided to try to plan something in advance so that we can work out logistics.  I am just so pleased that he is making friends and reaching out.

The school is really an answer to prayers for us.  He is in a structured facility that is meeting all of his needs.  He gets his academics (We got to choose whether or not to do homework, hallelujah.  We chose no homework for now.  Academics is not an issue.)  He also has cooking, music, karate, yoga, and independent living.  He looooooves cooking, and surprisingly, seems to enjoy music and karate (be careful picking on him, he just may surprise you!).  Yoga he can do without :)  He also gets Occupational Therapy once a week, and is supposed to receive Speech Therapy, but he hasn't mentioned it yet, so I don't know if he just doesn't realized it's happening or what.

The first few weeks were a bit of a challenge for him because he got into trouble a number of times for inappropriate behavior (burping and potty talk).  It's so easy as a parent to roll your eyes and say "Really?  He got into trouble for burping???"  But these kids need to learn when certain behavior is appropriate and when its not (though is burping and potty talk ever really appropriate?), so it's best to learn it now.  So I supported the teachers, and am happy to report that he has conquered that mountain.

We had one bad day in the fourth week when everything that could go wrong, seemed to for poor Tyler.  He cried and declared that he never wanted to go to that yucky school again.  Again, it would have been so easy for me to say okay, disenroll him and homeschool him again.  But I can't.  I can't shelter him.  We've been there, done that, not going back.  So I talked with him about facing challenges and everyone having a bad day, and "pushed" him out of the van the next morning.  And, would be believe it, he gathered the wind under his wings and flew!  He has been doing wonderful since then, and has stayed on "yes" every day since then.  I think he just needed that "break-through" day.

It's so funny to hear all of his little stories.  It's also funny to hear him and Katelyn discuss their difference schools, and hear Tyler say how much better his school is.  I always interject that each child is at the school that's best for them and it doesn't make one better than the other, but I'm so thankful that he love where he is.

I don't know what the future holds, but I am so thankful for the place that we are at right now.  It took a lot to get here.

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