Saturday, September 14, 2013

Student of the Week

Jason's Kindergarten class has a tradition in which the "Student of the Week" gets to take "Judah" home for the weekend.  Judah is a huge stuffed dog.  He comes with a special backpack full of books and a coloring book.  The student has to bring everything back on Monday so that Judah can go home with a new student on Friday.

Sis Aldridge forgot to award Judah at the end of school Friday, so Janessa caught me when I went to go pick up Katelyn from youth service.  She said that Sis Aldridge wanted Jason to have Judah this weekend, but she forgot to send him home.  She went into the classroom and got Judah for me to take home.

Jason was already asleep when I got home, so Katelyn sat Judah on Jason's bed for him to see in the morning.  Jason says that he did see Judah when he woke up, but he didn't bring him down or say anything to us for awhile.  When he finally did bring Judah down, he was full of smiles and happiness that he was the chosen student.

Judah is also enjoying his time with us.  Turns out, he likes coffee.

Congratulations, Jason.  I'm very proud of you!


  1. Awwwwww thats SUCH a cuuuuute idea!!! Congrats Jason on Student of the week!!! :)))

  2. That is so funny!!! (pardon my nostalgic moment) Sis. Meyers was my kindergarten teacher and she used to do the SAME thing! :) Except it was a different dog of course, and his name was Buddy :)

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