Monday, September 2, 2013

This Habit is a Keeper

We have entered into a new and very busy stage of life for us:  four kids attending three different schools (we're calling Justin's sitter "preschool"), Dad working full-time (that's not a change) and Mom working part-time during school hours (HUGE change!).

Even though I don't start my new job until next Monday, when school started last week I immediately felt the stress level kick up and my need for organization and routine kick in.

Now, while I absolutely hate to clean, I love routine and organization.  I thrive on things being just so and running like a well-oiled machine.  These are my sanity savers, and with four kids, you gotta have them.

Some are obvious, like meal plan.  Duh.  By the way, when packing six lunches, it's super necessary to menu plan those too.  Otherwise you run out of food four days before payday/grocery day.  Ask me how I know.  Feel free to check out my Pinterest board where I have a Lunch Ideas for the Kids board  that I pin good tips that I find.  I actually read these pins, too, and update as necessary, so there's some good stuff there.

Others are not so obvious.  Like this one:

Yes, this is a boring picture of two hampers sitting in the middle of my hallway.

See, we all know that laundry must get done.  But often it's a "oh no, I need my PE shirt today, hurray, rush" kinda thing.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  I did not buy my kids five uniforms this year.  Katelyn has two, Jason has three.  So we know by counting that uniforms have to be washed on Tuesday night.  No exceptions.

Tuesday night is also church.

<Insert scream here>

We have approximately 1.5 hours to get home and get ready for church.  No one has time to be searching for dirty clothes, etc, etc.

So, last week, I set out these two hampers on Monday night and declared that all school related clothing that must be washed in order to be worn before our big washing session on Saturday must be put into it's appropriate hamper that night.  All socks, undershirts, etc that get thrown everywhere except into the hamper was located and sorted.

Then, when we got home Tuesday afternoon, everyone immediately changed, put their dirty uniforms from that day into the baskets, and one basket was thrown into the washer.  This took five minutes tops to do.  When the load was done, the loads were immediately switched, and the first load of clothes was dry before we left for church so that we had time to quickly hang up wrinkle-able stuff.  The second load dried while we were at church.  It worked beautifully and everyone had the clean clothes they needed to get through the rest of the week.

The hampers are out again tonight, even though we didn't have school.  I'm trying to establish a good habit so I don't want to mess with it.

This habit is definitely a keeper.

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