Friday, October 18, 2013


Once a month, chapel at GCA is geared towards the younger children.  The elementary choir sings, and the high schoolers usually do a puppet show or skit or something.

This month, Katelyn's music club was responsible for putting on a puppet show.  I really wanted to see this and the elementary choir sing, so I arranged to telecommute today instead of driving in to the East Valley.

I was so glad that I went!  I took pictures, please excuse my camera, it does not take zoom pictures well.

First, the puppet group did the praise singing.  They sounded really good!  I was very impressed.  I know it's not easy to get up in front of your peers and sing into a mic, but these girls have conquered that and know how to sing for the glory of God.

Then the elementary choir sang.  This is the second time for Jason.  I didn't get to see the first time, but I heard that he didn't sing at all.  This time his whole personality shined; he sang, jiggled his leg and bopped his head...when he wasn't busy looking around, at least.  It was so fun to see him being himself and having fun.

The choir sang "This little light of mine" and "We win!".  They did an excellent job.  I just wish the mics were louder or whatever is needed to make them sound louder.

Finally, the puppet show.  They did three (two, sound malfunction) songs and Bro Matt treached in between.  I didn't get to hear it all, though, because Justin was being a pill and I had to take him out.

I'm so thankful for a wonderful school that my kids can be involved in to explore their talents while being used for the Lord.

Great job, kids!

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