Friday, November 15, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conference-Jason

Two weeks ago I met with Jason’s teacher, Sis Aldridge, for his parent-teacher conference.

Jason is brand-new to school.  This is his Kindergarten year.  I did not send him to K4.  I did do some preschool with him at home, but chose to mostly just allow him to learn through play.  I did not teach him to read or write before sending him to Kindergarten.

Though I feel pretty strongly that children should be allowed to learn through play before enrolling them into school at age 5, I admit to feeling nervous when I discovered that almost all of Jason’s classmates where going to K4.  But Sis Aldridge and I discussed it numerous times and she always assured me that the benefit of being home with mom that extra year usually outweighs the benefits of putting them into formal schooling early.  She was sure that Jason would be on track with his classmates in no time. And I’m thankful that I got that extra year with him.

Sis Aldridge did spend three weeks with Jason during the summer to assess where he was and let them get used to each other.  One of the benefits of a small, private school ;) This was really helpful with first-day jitters.

So, we had our first quarter parent-teacher conference.  She showed me the tests that she’d done on Jason, and he is right on track.  Jason is a quick learner and loves following rules, so he is challenged by the other kids and follows right along to quickly pick things up.  (Yes, he’s a follower)  He has picked up cursive and is learning his blends.

I asked her again “Do you think it has hindered him to not have been in K4?”  Her response was no, that you could tell that he was properly matured and secure.  She had nothing but praises for him.  He also has great behavior.  I’m very proud of Jason J

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