Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

On Mother's Day I always get all sentimental and want pictures of myself with all of my children.  It's just about impossible, as the following pictures will show:

Jason, Me and Justin

Katelyn and Me

Our attempt at a picture together.  Sigh.
Jason sang in the children's choir at our Mother's Day service.  First time :)

Jason's Kindergarten Graduation

Last night, May 30, was Glendale Christian Academy graduation.  This year we were blessed to have Jason graduate from Kindergarten.  It's been a wonderful year for him.  He and his group are definitely a lively bunch; it will be fun to watch them grow.  Many thanks, once again, to Sis Aldridge for her fantastic care of this group.

At Graduation Practice.
With Sis Aldridge
The Crazy Kindergarteners.  These kids are a hoot!
This is blurry because it's an action picture, but I wanted to show the pageantry.  Our high school young men are color guards, and the graduates walk through the flags.  Jason is getting ready to bow here.  The whole ceremony is quite well done.
Kindergarten, Sixth grade and Senior Class
Reciting their verses
After he got his diploma.
Also, Katelyn received a medal for Principal's Honor Roll

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wanna Buy An Otter Pop?

We are busy trying to raise money for Katelyn to go to Heritage in July.  She has to raise $360, plus money for food.  Gulp.  It's going to be a fantastic time, though.

She is selling Otter Pops in our neighborhood, hiring out for odd jobs, and taking any donations. :)

Wanna Buy An Otter Pop?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life is exciting...sometimes :)

Life has been so busy that blogging has certainly taken a back seat.  Let's see...a few minutes to rest...pinterest or blogging, hmmmm.  Hard choice ;)

But I have a few minutes now, so I will blog.

We are all doing fantastic.  School lets out for Tyler one week from today.  I am soooo ready, and yet, I'm not.  Being away fom that structured environment for eight weeks will be very hard for Tyler, and thus hard on the rest of us.  Just from our experience with two weeks breaks, I know that it's going to be a challenge.

I can not say enough good things about our experience this past year.  Did I love the drive?  No.  Did I love having to get a job and put Justin in child care?  No.  Was it worth it?  A Million Times Yes.

Tyler is not perfect.  He is always going to be autistic.  He is always going to be a challenge, more so to us, his family, than to anyone else, I think.  But now he's learning in a safe place and has made multiple friends and had experiences that he otherwise would not have been able to enjoy.

One of the things that he loves to do is call one of his friends and play Super Smash Brothers Brawl over the Wii with him.  Or he plays a DS game with another friend over the connection.  (I monitor everything, btw).  This is how he connects with people and I'm happy to let him have fun with friends.

One of the classes Tyler enjoyed during his first semester was cooking.  This semester he was able to get into Chef Training.  Chef Training puts on two dinners per semesters, where the kids are the chefs, servers and all.  We were able to attend the first one and it was so enjoyable to see the skills that Tyler has been learning.  It has been so helpful at home, too, as Tyler is able to take over more of his own (picky eater) cooking.

He has also enjoyed karate and enrolled into advanced karate this semester.  Last Thursday night was the Spring Performance, and the advanced karate class did a demostration.  I asked Tyler later why he didn't tell me that he was going to do a demo and he said no one knew until that moment!  But, they did great anyway following Mr Ryan's directions.

He also took guitar and music tech.  I don't think he enjoyed the guitar that much, mostly due to issues with classmates, but after a rocky start he seemed to find his rhythm in music tech (no pun intended).  They actually made some instruments and Tyler played one during the Performance.

Life at PS has not been without it's challenges, and I am constantly on the alert to pitfalls for Tyler.  I have to say that I have been so proud of him because he absolutely positively knows "the rules" and follows them to a T.  One situation that came up was that his homeroom picked a song to sing at the performance.  Jim and I vetted the song and we decided that it was harmless and he could sing it.  However, he refused to sing it because the students were being asked to dance to the song.  Tyler spoke up in class and said "We don't dance."  After some discussion, it was decided that he would not be made to dance; it actually worked out perfectly, he and another kid stood off to the side and hid behind their song folders and were the perfect foil to the song, lol.

We have just been told that the jr/high school is moving an additional eight miles east next school year.  The challenges of balancing our house, our church and GCA, Jim and my jobs, and this school are head-ache inducing, but I know that we can do it.  Jim and I are a great team, the kids have been so resilent.  We are just taking one day at a time.

Speaking of jobs, mine is going great.  Thanks to Obamacare, I will be working 30 hours a week starting July 1.  My boss has been wonderful about working around my needs and schedule, and in return, she gets good work out of me :)  I have also made it known that I would be open to considering a full-time position.

Jim's job is a little unstable right now.  Everyone's hours have been cut, which is actually working out perfectly for us for the Summer; we were able to work it out that one of us will be home with the kids every day.  But, we don't know what the future of this company is; prayers are always appreciated.

Katelyn and Jason have two more weeks of school left.  Jason is going to be graduating from Kindergarten this year.  So exciting.

Katelyn has been offered a Summer unpaid internship at my job, mainly being a file clerk, etc.  I was totally surprised when my boss approached me about the possibility.  Jim and I talked about it and then talked with Katelyn, and we decided to accept it.  While we are in no way anxious to send our daughter out into the work-force, because it is at my place of employment, we figure it will be a safe place to earn experience that she can put on applications, and it will help her stay busy this summer.

I have big summer plans to keep the kids busy.  Pray I stick to it, lol.

The biggest thing that I want to share is probably the most important to me:  my kids are learning to love God!  Jason and Justin love to play church, but aren't usually very active when actually in church, though this has been changing some recently.

This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we are in revival with Bro DC Moody.  Tuesday night Jason kept acting like he was going to go to sleep.  Bro Moody was preaching and he gave a message in tongues and the Spirit of God came down; people were weeping and praying.  Justin got scared by a very loud person's praying, so he was crying.  I looked over and saw Jason crying, too.  I thought maybe he was scared, but it turned out he was praying.  Really praying.  Tears were streaming down his face.  The Holy Ghost was all over him.

Wednesday night, he was so in tune with the service and as soon as people started praying at altar call, he just started weeping again.  I took him down to the altar to pray, but he wasn't able to bare down, focus and really pray, he just kept weeping.  The Holy Ghost was all over him, I think he just doesn't quite know what to do with it yet.  He's still looking around to see what everyone else is doing.  I do think if he continues and can get focused, he's going to get the Holy Ghost.  Katelyn was right around the same age when she got the Holy Ghost, too.

During pre-service prayer Wednesday night, we were kneeling down praying.  I had Jason and Justin on either side of me and I could hear them both really praying.  It was wonderful, and I kept thinking of 3 John 1:4, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

I am so thankful that these little boys are allowing God to move in their lives and that these two boys are open to the Spirit.  It is such an answer to prayers.  I don't know what is in store for each of my children, but I'm so thankful for what God is doing in Katelyn and these little boys.  Katelyn got into the truck on Tuesday night after service and spoke in tongues the whole way home!

Even when we feel like completely failures as parents, when we surrend to Him and continue doing what we know is right, God moves!

Here are some pictures from my phone.  I have more on my camera, but, alas, it is not with me right now.

I was able to go to Jason's Valentine's Day party.  Very fun :)

Justin got a drum set for his birthday.  Look out, Bro Allison!

The karate demo

<<Insert picture of Katelyn here>>
That's it for now!