Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jason's Kindergarten Graduation

Last night, May 30, was Glendale Christian Academy graduation.  This year we were blessed to have Jason graduate from Kindergarten.  It's been a wonderful year for him.  He and his group are definitely a lively bunch; it will be fun to watch them grow.  Many thanks, once again, to Sis Aldridge for her fantastic care of this group.

At Graduation Practice.
With Sis Aldridge
The Crazy Kindergarteners.  These kids are a hoot!
This is blurry because it's an action picture, but I wanted to show the pageantry.  Our high school young men are color guards, and the graduates walk through the flags.  Jason is getting ready to bow here.  The whole ceremony is quite well done.
Kindergarten, Sixth grade and Senior Class
Reciting their verses
After he got his diploma.
Also, Katelyn received a medal for Principal's Honor Roll

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