Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jason wants the Holy Ghost!

Jason's hungry for the Holy Ghost!  He didn't get it, but he sure tried!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Father's Day Fun

**First, an update on Pastor Garrett.  He had to have a quadruple bypass.  He is now home and recovering.  Please continue to keep him in prayer, as well as his very wonderful wife :)

On Father's Day we only had one service.  The weather was nice enough in the evening to hang out at the park next door to our house, so Jim and the boys played baseball.

So thankful for a husband who spends time with his boys

He was so funny.  Every time he would throw the ball, his leg would come up like this
THAT close!

Love this one, too!

Batting practice

LOVE this picture.  He was exhausted and flopped down on the grass next to my chair.  I just casually turned my phone towards him and snapped a picture.  It came out awesome!

Monday, June 16, 2014

I Can Pray

Urgent Prayer Request:  Our Pastor, RG Garrett, is in ICU with severe pneumonia, which is causing heart strain.  He is going in at noon for bypass surgery.

As I pray for my Pastor, my mind goes back to all of the prayers that Pastor has prayed for my family, and for all of our church, and beyond even the USA.  Let's bind all of those prayers together and "Pray It Back!"

I Can Pray
Until the Walls Come Down
Until There's Healing All Around
There's Something I Can Do

I Can Pray
In My Secret Place
Calling On Your Name
There's Something I Can Do

I Can Pray

In Jesus' Name, I Pray for Healing for Pastor Garrett, and Strength and Peace for Sis Garrett, Bro Austin, and the Myers, and the Stoltzfus Families.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Pin-teresting First Week of Summer

We have had a fun first week of Summer.

Jim is working three days a week now, and I was able to set my schedule to only go into the office two days a week, so one of us is with the kids each day.  I have the kids Monday, Thursday and Friday.

I really worked my Pinterest boards over the Spring to find fun things for the kids to do during the Summer.  I know that if I don't keep the kids occupied, they are more likely to fight.

I also pinned fun food recipes, first again make some fun memories with the kids, and second to get out of our cookies and brownies rut.

The first week was a success!

We started out our official Summer with a "First Day of Summer" party.  I surprised the kids with streamers, balloons, and a banner.  It looked very festive.

I blew up a bunch of balloons and the kids had fun doing various things with them throughout the day.  The most fun was just batting them around the living room!  We got our exercise, for sure!  Another thing that I did was write letters on the balloons, then call out a letter and have them find it.  They got about half-way thru the alphabet before getting bored ;)

The dollar store sells their streamers in two-packs, so I used the second roll of streamer to make a laser-beam obstacle course.  The little really enjoyed this; we left it up most of the day and Justin would say "I'm going to exercise now!" and run over and navigate the maze a couple of times.

Poor Jason had the stomach flu (he and Tyler both experienced the stomach flu on the first day of their Summer vacation).  He was so funny.  He would come over and do fun stuff for awhile, and then head back to the lazy-boy and rest.  He was a trooper.

We're also doing a lot of learning, so I picked up a bunch of workbooks from the dollar store.  The boys are going through these like gangbusters (just read a WWII book).

Tuesday and Wednesday were Daddy-Days.  Thursday the kids spent the morning painting.  I had picked up some bubble wrap, thinking that they could paint on the bubble wrap, a sensory thing I saw on Pinterest, but they didn't like that, so I pulled out some floor paper I had purchased and they painted lots of pictures.  We made homemade tortillas for our afternoon snack, the boys enjoyed rolling out the tortillas.

Friday is our grocery day; I'm trying out weekly grocery trips right now.  We also took a drive to Krispy Kreme for free donuts.

We ended our week celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary by getting BOGO McD's Frappes and playing Monopoly Millionaire Deal with Tyler while Kate was at Youth Service.  Yeah, that's what you do when you have kids and you're broke :)

I also made Homemade Oreos this week.  It was yummy and a nice change.

This morning we're off to a busy start.  The boys have been begging to dig for dinosaur bones, something they remember from when we were doing Preschool.  We've also done marshmallow structures. 

I'm fixing to go make homemade pizza bagel bites for lunch, and we'll be making mini smores cones for snack.

I really enjoy Pinterest!