Thursday, June 26, 2014

Father's Day Fun

**First, an update on Pastor Garrett.  He had to have a quadruple bypass.  He is now home and recovering.  Please continue to keep him in prayer, as well as his very wonderful wife :)

On Father's Day we only had one service.  The weather was nice enough in the evening to hang out at the park next door to our house, so Jim and the boys played baseball.

So thankful for a husband who spends time with his boys

He was so funny.  Every time he would throw the ball, his leg would come up like this
THAT close!

Love this one, too!

Batting practice

LOVE this picture.  He was exhausted and flopped down on the grass next to my chair.  I just casually turned my phone towards him and snapped a picture.  It came out awesome!

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