Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Pictures from our Summer

I had the boys make crowns

and wands

We made homemade pretzels.  All of the kids enjoyed shaping the pretzels.

Katelyn's masterpiece

Just a taste of the silliness that is normal life at our house...

more normal life...

Someone that Jim works with gave him this beautiful guitar.  We'd like the kids to learn, if they have an interest.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Some Animals Went to the Zoo

More blessings!

I was able to get two free admissions to the Phoenix Zoo, so Jim and the littles braved the heat and enjoyed the Zoo today.  They had a great time and couldn't stop telling me all about how they milked the cow, and Jason's favorite goats, and the snake they saw, and the mountain lion, and the monkeys, and the rhino, and...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pony Rides

Justin has been wanting to ride a horse for awhile now.  Being the frugally minded (read: broke) people that we are, we didn't want to pay a sum, only to have him freak out when he got within ten feet of the animal.

So when we heard a commercial for free pony rides at the Park and Swap this weekend AND we were blessed with a wonderful storm that cooled the temps way down, we decided to do it.

The little boys rode the ponies twice, plus a couple of other (scary-looking!) carnival rides.  They absolutely loved it!  The pony ride just went around in a circle, and the boys kept talking about how they wanted to go for a long ride.  Since they loved it so much, I think we'll consider looking for a good opportunity now.  It's so fun to see them enjoy life!