Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pony Rides

Justin has been wanting to ride a horse for awhile now.  Being the frugally minded (read: broke) people that we are, we didn't want to pay a sum, only to have him freak out when he got within ten feet of the animal.

So when we heard a commercial for free pony rides at the Park and Swap this weekend AND we were blessed with a wonderful storm that cooled the temps way down, we decided to do it.

The little boys rode the ponies twice, plus a couple of other (scary-looking!) carnival rides.  They absolutely loved it!  The pony ride just went around in a circle, and the boys kept talking about how they wanted to go for a long ride.  Since they loved it so much, I think we'll consider looking for a good opportunity now.  It's so fun to see them enjoy life!

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