Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just a Random Update

I've been pretty quiet here lately.  Not that life has been quiet; in fact, it's been a roller coaster ride of late.  But, putting it into words is so hard.  Ya know?

Ok, first the kids:

Katelyn is well into 8th grade, and overall doing great.  When she feels like she's not doing great, I remind her that these are important life lessons she's learning, and she will be stronger for them.  Right, Kate?  I'm very proud of my---FOURTEEN!--year old.  In September Jim let her go to Youth Alive, a fun whirlwind trip to So Cal for church and Knott's Berry Farm.    She's been involved in lots of youth functions, and celebrated her 14th birthday with a surprise lunch, balloons and treats at school from her fantastic mother followed by dinner at Red Robin (where else?)  She thought it was funny that a new/old/returned-from-Alaska classmate, Josh, has his birthday on the same day and they unknowingly planned dinner at the same restaurant that night.  She has found out that she likes sushi and can't wait until she can drive so she can socialize more as her parents are duds.

Jason looooves 1st grade.  He is something else...very Type A (wonder where he gets that from?) about his school work and stresses out if something is not right.  I've had to tell him numerous times "Jason, you are my third child to go through Sis Ward's class.  I know the routine.  Be calm!"  A good friend sent me some precious pictures of Jason praying at chapel one day.  Jason told me to save the one of Bro Matt Garrett praying with him as my wallpaper on my phone, and told me "Bro Matt kept saying 'It's Holy Ghost time for Jason!'."  He hasn't gotten it yet, but that's only because he hasn't prayed recently.  It will come :)

Justin is something else.  Right now he's testing his limits and seeing just how much Mom and Dad will let him get away with.  Sigh.  It's exhausting cuz if you let up one time, boom, back to square one (have we moved from square one yet??  Really, where did these stubborn children come from?  Certainly not me,  certainly! --snort).  But, when he's not testing limits, he's learning how to ride his bike!  Yes!  He asked Jim to take the training wheels off of his bike and as soon as Jim helped him balance, he was off.  He was riding like a pro in no time flat.  So proud of my baby.  He's getting so big!

Tyler is doing well.  I'm praying about something big right now, hopeful, but scared to death that I'm going to make the wrong choice.  Praying God sends me a great big sign!

I'm also praying about something else really big.  I'm not at liberty to share it yet, but, oh, I am so praying that God will answer this prayer with a YES!

In the mean time, I'll share that I am no longer employed at the college where I was the past year.  Something big and unpleasant happened that led me to understand without a doubt that my time there had reached its end and so I put my feelers out and looked for a new job.  God was good and I've taken a position at the community college closer to Tyler's school, doing a job that I think I will like.  I will stay here until God gives me a YES to my big prayer and I can go where my heart longs to be.

My hubby recently turned 40!  Unfortunately we weren't able to celebrate as big as I would have liked due to the situation above, but someday we'll take off and see Seattle, Honey :)

Other than all that, we are enjoying great revival at church!  Our altars have been loosed and folks are being filled with the Holy Ghost.  It's so exciting!

So, that's it for me.  Hope you all are well :)

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