Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photo Dump and Random Commentary

In honor of the end of 2014, here is a photo dump, with random commentary.

This is for my good friend, Amy Gardner.  She thought that "Dress Up Like a Cow" day at Chick-fil-a was a scam, so I sent her pictures of us dressed up.  This is the only one that turned out non-blurry ;)
Justin loves playing at the park.  I am continually thankful that we choose a house next door to a park, and for a wonderful husband who takes the kids to bigger parks all over the area.

This picture was sent to me by Justin's awesome babysitter, Sis Doreen.  So thankful for her!
Such a big help...Yeah.

"Oh, did you want to sleep here, too?"  Even though the little have their own beds, it's not uncommon for them to find their way into our bed on occasion.
Jason has been praying for the Holy Ghost on occasion.  I am so thankful for Bro Matt Garrett, pictured here praying with Jason.  He is the Bible class teacher and in charge of devotions and chapel at GCA and has been such a big influence on both Jason and Katelyn.  When Jason saw this picture, he said "Bro Matt was saying 'It's Holy Ghost time for Jason!'"  Thanks to Tanya for sending me this picture of Jason praying at chapel.

Jason loves to dress up for church.

Katelyn and Adain made a volcano for Parent Night.  Thank you to Sis Mantooth for rescuing Mt Failure at the last minute.
What will happen???

Cute kid and a photo bomb

Jason lost his first and second teeth

Tyler learned how to make pizza in his chef class.
Hanging out with Jason
Katelyn and Jim celebrated their October birthdays.
Typical Tyler

Christmas 2014
The boys love Pastor Garrett, especially when he gives them giant candy canes.  Back story:  The Sunday night before Christmas, Pastor cleared a portion of  the platform and brought in a rocking chair and a big box of something.  He sat in the rocking chair and invited all of the children to come up.  Both Jason and Justin went up.  Then Pastor pulled out a giant candy cane and told the kids they would be getting one after the service.  Next thing you know, all of the young people flooded up to the platform, too.  It was quite funny.  Then Pastor read the Christmas story from Luke 2, stopping at various places to lead us in the singing of Christmas carols.  It was a wonderful memory making event.

 I saved all of our baking and Christmas stuff until after school was out for break and I was done with work.  So Monday and Tuesday were spent making enough junk food to feed an army (note:  it's almost gone.  How did that happen??...tugs on "broken zipper"...the fast starts in five days)  Jason and Justin were huge helps in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, my teenagers didn't want to spend too much family time together "in the hot kitchen.  I ate plenty of it.  Does that count?"

Ignore the dirty dishes in the background.

We made cookie with candy cane kisses in the middle, these pretzel-kiss-M&M things and homemade Twix, among other things.  These three recipes are awesome to make with kids.  The boys enjoyed unwrapping the candy and placing it just-so.

Yes, Jason is in his pjs and Justin needs to brush his hair.

Just a sampling.

The only Christmas present picture I was allowed to take.  We enjoyed a very busy and fun Christmas.  Christmas morning we opened presents as a family.  Then we went to my dad's and had brunch.  Came home and put dinner in the oven, then went and picked up my mom at the airport.  The kids convinced her to open presents that night, so by the end of the night, they were quite spoiled.  It was fun!  We missed our family members that didn't get to come; maybe next year!

We enjoyed some fun outings with my mom.  One night we went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  Of course it was the first really cold night this year and we froze!!!  Thank God for hot cocoa.  The train ride was definitely worth it, though.  However, we nixed all other plans that involved being outside at night!  While at the park, the kids saw Piglet, Pooh, Tigger, Elmo and Cookie Monster.  I love this picture of the three kids.

The littles got ties and bibles for Christmas.  My mom snapped this picture before we went to church the Sunday after Christmas.
Look!  Katelyn's floor is clean and you can open the door!

Tyler and Yoshi chewing bublegum.
Tyler will only take pictures if Yoshi comes along.  Ty got this shirt from Kate for Christmas and he loves it.  Pray for Ty as he starts his new school on the 5th.  Of January.

Last, but not least, a little sign from Cracker Barrel.  I thought it was appropriate with the fast coming up.

Love you all!!  Happy New Year!  Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Special thanks to my personal spell checker, Katelyn :)