Sunday, April 5, 2015


I am absolutely amazed by how awesome 
World Autism Day turned out.

So, besides the message here, I texted my family and a small handful of my friends.  Well, Ms. Amy Gardner forwarded that text to just about the whole church!  I could not believe all of the people who told me that they were wearing blue for Tyler.

One of the most overwhelming things was getting to work at Glendale Christian Academy Thursday morning to find that Every.Single.Teacher was wearing blue.  I cannot express how loved and supported that made me feel.  Even the principal had pinned a blue ribbon to his shirt.

Later I heard that the students were asking why everyone was wearing blue, and when they heard they said that next year, they all want to wear blue (of course, uniforms are blue already, lol)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of support.

Here are the pictures that I received:

Grandma Brenda

Grandpa Jim

Tanya Johnson, Sis Ward, and me
Vance Gardner

Janessa Aldridge

Sis Aldridge and Janessa

Auntie Amy

Rachel Gardner and Jenny


Vance, again :)

Tanya Johnson

Uncle Andrew

Grandma Dotty and Grandpa Bob

Grandma Carol

Me :)
My coworker, Teresa Sesma, made and wore this sign

My boys both wore blue, as did  my husband, but they were not camera-cooperative :)

Katelyn DIY'd a shirt; you can check it out at her blog "Drama Queen"--link right over there  --->

I have at least three more pictures to find and post, but wanted to get this up


p.s.  Down Syndrome day is March 21.  Colors are blue and yellow.  Next year!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Light It Up Blue Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is World Autism Day!  Would you consider helping us "Light It Up Blue" by wearing blue to show your support for Tyler and the other 1 in 64 children who are affected with Autism?  Send me a picture if you do; I'd love to post all of the pictures here and show Tyler all of the love.

Thank you!!!