What's in a name?

The name of this blog is "The Caldwells; For All To See".

What does that mean?

Well, it's a play on words, really, because it means a few different things.

First, I'm blogging about our life, putting it all out there for anyone and everyone to see.

More than that, however, it's because our life is a testimony and we want to tell the world about it.

I want to tell you about how God has changed us, saved us and brought us to the place that we are today.

I want to share about God's blessings that come everyday, both great and small.

I want to invite you to come along as we experience the great miracle of healing, firsthand.

I've quoted the end of Chris Tomlin's popular song up there in the name box because that song has truly become an anthem for our family in the past year.

We started the journey of seeking a medical diagnosis for Tyler in October 2010. Around that same time, Sis Pastor Garrett started singing "How Great Is Our God" during song service. The song seemed to resonant with our church, us included.

However, it wasn't until I was reading my Bible one day that the words of that chorus became real to me. I was reading in Exodus about the Israelites and all the things that were happening to them (sorry, I'm terrible with references and I don't want to get up right now). And God said that people would look back and hear the stories of deliverance and miracles and they would know by those stories just how great God really was.

It hit me. The trials and tests that we go through are a testimony to those around us of just how great God really is. I started thinking about my backslid father and said "Lord, this thing with Tyler, you can use that as a testimony to show Dad just how great you are."

No, God didn't heal Tyler the first time that we asked. At least not in an instantaneous way that we could physically see. However, I've realized that sometimes the greater miracle is not the healing, but in the way that God carries through to the healing.

So, that's why I've named the blog what I have and the song reference underneath. We are living so that "all will see, how great, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!"